Les 10 meilleurs outils pour espionner les Backlinks de tes concurrents

Les 10 meilleurs outils pour espionner les Backlinks de tes concurrents

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Les backlinks sont les liens entrants qui renvoient à votre site Web à partir d'autres sites Web. Les backlinks sont l'un des facteurs les plus importants pour déterminer le classement des pages de votre site Web. Les backlinks sont de deux types principaux ;

  1. Do follow - Les backlinks Do Follow sont les liens de niche que vous devez suivre pour développer des liens entrants efficaces pour vos blogs.
  2. No follow - Les backlinks No follow sont les liens que vous n'avez pas à suivre car ces liens ne permettront pas à votre blog ou page de blog d'être lié.

Et vous devez toujours donner plus d'importance aux liens dofollow pour construire des backlinks de qualité stratégique, donc ici vous avez besoin d'outils de contrôle des backlinks.

Ainsi, pour construire ces liens stratégiques, vous pouvez utiliser les outils détaillés ci-dessous.

Voici les outils de vérification des Backlinks pour analyser votre site

1. Bing Webmasters Tools:

Yahoo Search a récemment intégré Site Explorer dans Bing Webmaster Tools après la réussite de la transition algorithmique. Les webmasters de Bing avec leur mise à jour Phoenix ont énormément augmenté l'efficacité de leur outil,

Comment utiliser les outils maîtres Bing :

  1. Ouvrez un compte Bing Master Tools ;
  2. Validez votre blog en plaçant le fichier BingSiteAuth.XML sur votre compte ou en copiant et collant une balise dans le dossier Index.hml de votre site.

Après validation, vous pouvez consulter les liens de votre site gratuitement.

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2. Backlinkwatch.com:

Backlinkwatch.com is a very simple and cost-effective tool with a very less overhead expenses, and this tool will enable you to look up to 1,000 backlinks for any domain/website along with the following details;

  • Competitor's URL;
  • Anchor Text;
  • PageRank;
  • Outbound Links (OBL);
  • Flag (nofollow).

3. SEO Spy Glass:

SEO spy Glass concentrates more on the quality of the backlinks than on the quantities;

What SEO Spy does??;

  • Figures out the page ranks of your competitor's inbound links;
  • Figures out the age, Value and the counts for the backlinks ranking from 0-10(PR);
  • Discovers the links' landing page as to homepage, blog or forum.
  • And adjudicates the links that brings more traffic to your competitors.

4. Open Site Explorer:

Open site explorer was developed by SEOmoz with an aim to increase the transparency for all your link datas.

How it works?

  • Campaigns and discovers as to where your competitors are accessing links;
  • And then analyzes your link metrics with those of your competitors to scheme-up the strategies for boosting your site's backlinks and will help in eradicating the broken links.

5. Alexa:

Alexa possesses an all-time database of information about blogs(sites) which includes site's statistics, Related Links, and a lot more. You can seek all these details just by typing your Blog's URL in the Alexa search box. After which you can witness the backlinks for your blogs under the site links vertical, these links will help you in strategizing your link-builds enormously.

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6. Majestic SEO:

Majestic SEO has the largest index providing the complete list of backlinks for your blogs..


  1. Majestic SEO's Backlink History tool you can figure-out the number of backlinks for any given domain, subdomain or the URL and also compare ‘backlink discovery growth rate' for competing domains;
  2. At a single time, you can compare upto 5 domains.

7. W3tool’s Backlink Checker:

W3tool helps you to check the backlinks for multiple blogs all at once.


  1. with this tool you can check the backlinks for upto 10 blogs at one single time!
  2. This tool seeks the related backlinks to your blog from Google, Yahoo, Altavista and alltheweb internet search engines.

8. Link Diagnosis:

In this tool you have to just type your blog's URL and click the start button to fetch the report for related backlink details.

This report will enable you to witness:

  • All the Unique backlinks along with the most popular anchor text details;
  • Page ranks for the entire backlinks list.

9. Analyze Backlink:

Analyze Backlinks have a very good home page to check your related backlinks by filtering the results according to your needs.


  • At Analyze Backlinks homepage you can select your appropriate options to filter the related links data — The options available are,
  1. ‘Don’t repeat backlinks from same domain',
  2. Show links only from homepage,
  3. Find Anchor Text, Total Links, Outbound Links and
  4. Fetch the backlink's source codes.

This filtered data can prove to be more accurate than otherwise.

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10. Ahrefs:

Ahrefs possess their own index and has an enormous database for nearly 45 million keywords.


  1. This tool offers the related links details for your blogs with time;
  2. Provides details for the ‘percentage breakdown of anchor texts' that points to your blogs.

And especially after the Penguin updates, this tool proves to be a boon for the bloggers who got shattered for developing negative backlink strategies.

Besides just building huge number of backlinks it is better that you always concentrate on the quality of the links over the quantity. Constantly checking the Backlink stats through these tools will help you to keep your Website/blogs in top rankings for the related keyword(anchor text) searches.


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